Ultrasonic Washing Machines, USW Series

Tailored to meet the robust cleaning requirements of industrial settings, Industrial size ultrasonic cleaners are the epitome of efficiency in handling demanding cleaning tasks. Specifically crafted for industrial applications, these high-capacity cleaning machines demonstrate exceptional performance and reliability.


Designed to confront the most challenging cleaning tasks, these industrial-size ultrasonic cleaners distinguish themselves by effortlessly handling substantial workloads. Whether grappling with stubborn contaminants, intricate components, or extensive surfaces, these specialized cleaners guarantee optimal results.


The adaptability of industrial ultrasonic cleaners spans across various industries, encompassing manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more. Their precision and effectiveness render them indispensable for upholding the highest cleanliness standards in diverse industrial processes.


Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, these cleaners leverage ultrasonic waves to achieve thorough and consistent cleaning. This cutting-edge cleaning method ensures a profound and all-encompassing cleansing process, fostering efficiency and productivity in industrial operations.


Opting for Industrial size ultrasonic cleaners is a strategic decision for businesses seeking a dependable and high-performance cleaning solution. Elevate your industrial cleaning processes with these advanced devices, meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive demands of heavy-duty applications, thereby ensuring impeccable cleanliness and operational excellence.


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Details of the USW Series Ultrasonic Washing Machines


Low or high capacity tank volumes on demand.

Made entirely of stainless steel.

Adjustment of cleaning time and water temperature.

Optional ultrasonic power adjustment feature.

Polishing waste removes general pollution,

It leaves a clean and corrosion resistant surface.

100% washing quality for impurities in the inaccessible area

It is the definitive solution in production lines with its effective, fast, economical, reliable, environmentally friendly washing quality.

Production is made in special sizes according to demand.

Removal of all kinds of impurities is done in molecular dimensions.

Industrial size ultrasonic cleaners are designed for use in industrial applications where heavy cleaning demands and performance are commonly required.



Before proceeding to the cleaning phase of heavily soiled or oily parts, a pre-wash is applied before the delicate cleaning process in order to save time, energy, water, and chemicals and to remove coarse contamination.


Ultrasonic cleaning reaches points on the product that are normally very difficult to reach, such as small voids or excessively curved crevices that cannot be physically cleaned. It gives very sensitive and successful cleaning results.


After the ultrasonic cleaning process, rinsing is performed to clean the chemical substances remaining on the product. The rinsing process is provided by a closed circulation system or a continuous freshwater supply.


The passivation process is applied for products that need to be protected against oxidation. At this stage, the passivation chemical is used and is an additional stage.


After cleaning, the products can be dried. The drying process is an additional step and it can be hot air or vacuum drying


Ultrasonic Washing systems have many optional by-products. These are products that increase the functionality and make it easier to use. For example; Pneumatic covers, oil scrapers, basket transport systems, pump circulation, and filtration are some of them. In addition, different solutions can be offered upon request or need.

About the ultrasonic washing machines

Industrial ultrasonic washing machines with basket and hanger system; Ideal solution for industrial parts washing, oil scraping and general cleaning of chipped parts….


• Polishing residue removes general pollution, – Leaves a clean and corrosion-resistant surface.
• 100% washing quality in inaccessible impurities
• Effective. It is the definitive solution in production lines with fast, economical, reliable, environmentally friendly washing quality,
• Special production is made upon request
• Removal of all kinds of pollution is done in molecular dimensions. According to the material and pollution of the part to be washed, process studies are carried out by expert engineers in the production department and chemical, temperature, ultrasonic powerfrequency parameters are selected.


• Automotive Industry • Metalware Industry
• Defense industry • Food industry
• Electronics Industry • Optical, Plastic Industry
• Textile Industry • Medical Industry
• In all sectors with mass production
• Cleaning for maintenance purposes
• In all production areas before coating and painting

Multiple ultrasonic washing systems are available for processes such as ultrasonic washing, rinsing, passivation, and drying.

Ultrasonic washing system while working.

DESCRIPTION M-USW 10 M-USW 20 M-USW 60 M-USW 80 M-USW 125 M-USW 185 M-USW 420 M-USW 520 M-USW 620 M-USW 820
Volume / lt 1,5 2,8 6 8 12 18 30 50 60 90
Weight / kg 3 3,4 4,8 7,6 7,9 10 35 43 45 86
Ultrasonic Power / W 80 80 160 240 240 320 480 880 960 2240
Ultrasonic Generator / W 132 132 132 132 132 132 440 660 660 1540
Internal Dimensions / mm WxDxL 150x138x150 240x138x100 240x138x200 300x240x150 300x240x200 330x300x200 350x250x350 400x300x420 400x350x420 530x440x490
External Dimensions / mm WxDxL 165x150x315 265x160x290 270x160x330 325x265x300 325x265x365 350x325x410 500x440x880 550x490x880 545x540x880 765x725x870
Basket Dimensions / mm WxDxL 120x110x45 210x110x55 210x110x55 250x190x80 240x190x120 290x255x120 300x210x285 355x300x260 370x300x270 460x370x370
Frequency / kHz 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40
Heating Power / W 250 250 500 750 750 750 2000 2400 2400 3000
Power V / Hz 220/50-60 220/50-60 220/50/60 220/50-60 220/50-60 220/50-60 220/50-60 220/50-60 220/50-60 220/50-60

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