How to choose the right surface finishing consumables?

The most important point you will consider when deciding on consumables is the raw material of the product. Different chemicals can damage unsuitable metals and you don’t want to this. As we KAYAKOCVIB® happy to help you with the matter of choosing the consumables.

Our articles on these topics will help you understanding of using consumables;

see. Which abrasive stones (chips) should be used for deburring?

see. Which liquids should be used in deburring?

How is the correct surface treatment applied?

The accuracy of the application depends on the surface performance of the product at the end of the application. Factors such as consumables and processing time are some of the factors that affect the accuracy of the surface. The correct application differs from product to product. The general purpose is to create a highly reflective surface that is free from burrs. When the applications are applied respectively the correct surface will be obtained. You can find the articles that can help you below. If you have any questions about surface finishing issues, please send us an email or form on our main page or product pages.

see. What are the stages of surface treatment application?

see. How much liquid do I use during surface treatment?

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