How to choose the right machine?

If you have decided to invest in a machine in your business, you should first review your daily production volume. Daily production amount is the biggest factor in machine selection. The daily production amount allows us to determine the capacity of the machine. For example; the KVM 220 circular type of vibratory machine is net 220 liters and its gross volume is 280 liters. Our machine codes give the real volume always.


  • Daily production amount
  • Product size and volume
  • Type of abrasive stone
  • Desired target processing time
  • The desired automation type
  • Desired working comfort
  • How many different types of products are produced
  • Whether there is a dry process requirement
  • The area where the machines will be used


Daily production amount

Product size is the second important issue after the daily production amount. For example, if the product size is less than 50 mm, the use of centrifugal machines (KSM series) will be more suitable. However, if it is desired to take advantage of the large volume of vibration machines (KVM series), our double-layer screen machine will be more suitable for small products.


Product size and weight, type of abrasive stone

Sieve selection is related to the ratio of the size of the abrasive stone to the product size. The sieve models of our vibration machines are divided into two as single layer sieve and double-layer sieve. In our single-layer sieve model (KVM-R), the product proceeds from the screen to the exit, and the stones fall back down to the boiler. In our double-screen machines (KVM-DL), abrasive stones move through the sieve and fall back into the boiler. In this two-story model, the products fall into the flow tunnel downstairs and move towards the exit.


Desired target processing time

You can establish a link between target processing time and daily production volume. If your criterion is to process the entire daily production volume, we can evaluate the machine capacity and number accordingly.


The desired automation type

Automation needs arise when two or more machines need to work integrated and machines are produced accordingly. In line with the demands of our customers, we make our machines more compatible with their own systems with small touches. For example, there are options such as higher chassis for the vibration machine (KVM series) or feed chute option for the dryer (DVM series). Thus, the harmonious operation of our KVM and DVM machines is ensured. Our fully automatic systems that work with PLC software, which we can adapt to different languages, can operate without the need for human intervention.


Desired working comfort

Working comfort, on the other hand, is related to the automation of our machines, as well as accessories that minimize the factors such as loud noise that will negatively affect human health and are offered as options. For example, a sound cap vibration machine (KVM series) or dust cap and hot air fan dryer (DVM series).


How many different types of products are produced

You can create a machine park according to your product variety or process type. For example, instead of changing stones and wasting time, you can only polish with the second machine. Or you can use our centrifugal surface treatment machine (KSM series) and sieve (SM series) for your small products at the same time.


Whether there is a dry process requirement

Different applications can be made in different sectors with our centrifuge type machines (KSM series). For example, the use of walnut shells for polishing is widely used in the jewelry industry. This polishing process is done dry and can be applied only with stainless steel (KSM-INOX) jaw.


The area that the machines will cover

If you have space problems in your factory or workshop and you have a process that requires more than one machine, we try to produce solutions with smaller machines. By drawing a sketch of your area before the sale, we inform you about the measurement of the machine use square meter with three-dimensional images.

When all these issues become clear, the machines or machines suitable for your business will be presented to you by our sales representatives. They will also give information about your product capacity, which you can process daily with the selected machines. As the KAYAKOCVIB family, we carry out a careful study on obtaining the maximum productivity with the minimum process before sales. This is an important factor that prevents you from taking the wrong steps to waste time and money.

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