What are the general features of the machines and our services?

What are the general features of the machines and our services?

VM – TVM series vibration machines

KSM series centrifugal surface treatment machines

DVM – D-TVM series vibration dryers

KVM – TVM series;

We have different types of machines for different needs. While using round type (KVM series) vibration machines for surface treatment, horizontal type (TVM series) vibration machines also produce ideal solutions for products with long lengths. We can divide the boilers of our horizontal type machines with the help of a separator with certain intervals upon request. This gives us flexibility as a usage area. Both our round and horizontal type machines are produced in volumes ranging from 15 liters to 1000 liters. Among its features, standard type electrical panel, dosing pump are offered in all our machines. In the ‘KVM-R’ series, the ability to work clockwise-counterclockwise and manual ramp system is offered as standard, while the pneumatic ramp is optional. Apart from these features, speed-controlled electric panel, pneumatic sound cover, and water valve are offered as optional in KVM and TVM series.

KSM series;

Our centrifuge machines (KSM series) are divided into two groups as PU (polyurethane) and INOX (stainless steel) jaw (main plate). Our KSM series machines have three different volumes and the jaw design is patented on behalf of our company KAYAKOCVIB®. The chin, bowl, and bowl (circle) are produced with 95 shore polyurethane and have a long-lasting, durable structure. The jaw range (gap) of our KSM INOX model can be reduced up to 0.2 mm. This offers the opportunity to work healthy even with very thin products. All KSM series electrical panels are speed controlled and it is possible to decrease speed in sensitive products. Thanks to the patented chin design, the vortex effect in the boiler provides an intensive mixing effect. The difference of KSM series surface treatment machines from the KVM series is the processing speeds. KSM series processes 10 times faster than KVM series machines. It has 18, 60 and 160-liter models and variable designs such as a single machine with two boilers can be prepared according to the needs of our customers. Although there is no screen belonging to the KSM series, SM coded vibrating screens are integrated into the KSM series.

DVM – T-DVM series;

Our drying machines are round (DVM series) and horizontal type (T-DVM series), and are designed to completely remove products from moisture with the help of corn granule and heater resistance. The products are dried very quickly and made ready for further processing or sale. DVM series can also be offered with dust covers upon request. The dust cover filters the dust originating from granules by pulling them with a cold air suction fan. In addition to the granules and resistances that accelerate drying, hot air is transmitted into the boiler thanks to the hot air fan. Thus, the process is accelerated with three different effects. The heaters have low wattage and have a surface that will not burn the granule. The process is terminated with our completely safe DVM series dryer vibration machines. Thanks to the manual ramp system, products can be easily removed from the machine at any time.


  • All our machines are painted with double epoxy paint and have a long-lasting structure that is extremely resistant to external factors.
  • The boiler construction has been changed and developed as a result of our R&D studies since 1994.
  • Electricity savings are achieved with our more performance and less electricity consuming motors.
  • High-quality switchgear with international standards and certificates are used in all of our electrical panels.
  • Our machines have 2 years of mechanical warranty.
  • All vibration boilers are lining with high-quality polyurethane and have a long-lasting structure.
  • The alloys used can challenge the strong effect of vibration for years.
  • All our machines’ install process is very simple.
  • Our Vibro motors made by special designs that no need for maintenance.
  • We have CE and ISO certifications.

After-sales service;

We don’t just sell machines. We have nearly 40 years of experience in surface finishing processes. First of all, we understanding your needs and help you choose the right machine according to your product. When you buy a machine from us, as we KAYAKOCVIB® happy to assist you of all questions in the “surface treatment process” after the sale. You will feel that we are with you in all processes.

We share all the information that you need before the sale and after-sale about the below topics in our sales contract;

  • Summary of Quotation
  • Time of delivery, payment terms, warranty
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Technical Descriptions
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