How to treat wastewater come from vibratory bowls or centrifugal disc finishing machines?

We have solved the wastewater treatment issues in three ways. Every solution has a different price but the most important point is production capacity and how many machines working in your workshop or factory.

  1. ENVIRO 1000 wastewater treatment and recycling system
  2. FLOG 500 wastewater treatment and recycling system
  3. PF series paper filter

ENVIRO1000 Wastewater Treatment and Recycling System


Vibration or centrifugal type surface treatment machines generally work with various chemicals and water. The particles breaking off from the surfaces of the products are mixed with the washing water at the particle level and discharged from the water discharge units of the machines. The water collected as waste can be separated from the particles and reused as washing water. This application not only protects nature but also provides a great deal of water savings.

For the purification process, KAYAKOCVIB® Enviro1000 Centrifugal wastewater treatment and recycling system provides a complete and comprehensive solution. It is suitable for use in advanced surface treatment systems with its treatment capacity of 1 ton per hour. After the wastewater is collected in the Enviro pre-collection tank, it is transferred to the main dirty water tank. Here, the wastewater combined with the chemical that allows the particles to agglomerate is transferred to the centrifuge system. The particles adhering to the outer walls of the purification basket by the centrifuge effect are separated from the water. Purified water is transferred to the clean water tank. It is also transmitted from the clean water tank to the system. Thanks to this closed-loop cycle, no additional water supplements are required from the outside. The system is operated by completing the water loss caused by evaporation from time to time. Enviro1000 has a water purification capacity of 10 tons per day.


You can find more information on ENVIRO1000’s website.

PF series Paper Filters

For smaller systems, KAYAKOCVIB® PF100 and PF50 paper filter options are available. Thanks to its paper filter texture, it allows the water to flow into the clean water tank by collecting particles. Wastewater treated with PF100 also regain use. After purification, they can be used as washing water in the system.


FLOG500 Wastewater Treatment and Recycling System


It is possible to collect and purify wastewater with the FLOG 500 unit that can be used with the paper filters. In the FLOG 500 unit, it collects 500 lt of wastewater and precipitates it by flocculation. The flocculation process of the wastewater is provided by the mixer.

see. Wastewater treatment and recycling systems.

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