Thanks to Enviro wastewater treatment system makes all kinds of cutting-edge technology that allows the separation of wastewaters and solid particles in the liquid easily.

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Enviro Recycling Treament System

The vibration of the wastewater treatment machines, deburring degreasing-use-polishing liquid fluids up to 90% savings. Enviro makes Re-using of the water and compound. Process water is used over and over again by providing up to 98% water savings. Pump repeated use of the same liquid-water mixture. Environmentally friendly technology, the wastewater discharge ZERO.

Capacity 1000 liters per hour wastewater treatment capacity. High centrifugal effect The high centrifugal effect allows very small quantities of waste materials. Not spacious No big areas required. No need maintenance No maintenance needed like any kind of filter unit. Reducing Costs No monthly costs for filtering types of equipment like paper, cloth, etc. PLC Software Fully automatic PLC control.


ENVIRO 1000 Spesifications

  • Description Value
  • Capacity (lt/hr) 1000
  • Sludge retention capacity (lt/hr) 14/23,8
  • Centrifugal stage (G) 2500
  • Engine (RPM) 2500
  • Waste water tank capacity (lt) 400
  • Processed water tank capacity (lt) 200
  • General Installation Dimensions, WxDxH (mm) 1500x1500x1640
  • Engine power (kW), 380V / 50Hz 2,2
  • All system power requirement (kW) 4,2



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