OIL-S Series, Oil Skimmers

The OIL-S series plays a vital role in efficiently separating unwanted oils from boron oil within metalworking machinery tanks, including CNC, lathe, and milling systems. This innovative solution effectively inhibits bacterial formation in boron oil, significantly extending its lifespan.


By implementing the OIL-S series, businesses can ensure optimal performance and longevity of their metalworking equipment. This cutting-edge technology not only safeguards machinery but also enhances overall operational efficiency. Say goodbye to concerns about oil contamination, as the OIL-S series sets a new standard in the maintenance and preservation of boron oil quality.


Invest in this solution to experience increased productivity, reduced downtime, and cost-effective operations, making it an indispensable asset for the modern metalworking industry. Elevate your machining processes with the OIL-S series, a game-changer in oil separation technology.


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  • They performs its oil separator function by means of the disc or belt on it.
  • It is mounted on the CNC bench backup tanks to the close areas of the pump.
  • Since the system has a time relay, only the accumulated waste oil is discharged. Thus, the discharge of boron oil or cutting oil is minimized.
  • The system also prevents the discharge of boron oil outside the oil layer, just in case, and saves money with the return system to the boiler.
  • By separating mineral oils from boron oil and extending the service life of boron oil, economy is achieved.
  • The separated mineral oils are discharged automatically.
  • Disc diameter 300 mm disc will be stainless.
  • The belt is 50 mm wide and the plunge height is 220 mm.
  • 220 V electric power.


Revolutionize your industrial processes with the OIL-S CENTER, a cutting-edge solution designed for ultrasonic and spray washing machines. This innovative system features strategically placed level balls in oil-taking zones within tanks, efficiently separating foreign oils from the upper tank area.

The OIL-S CENTER’s pump facilitates the separation process, ensuring a continuous and circulating system. Beyond its application in ultrasonic and spray washing machines, this versatile technology serves as a central oil separator in various metal processing machines like CNC, Lathe, and Milling systems.

Embrace the OIL-S CENTER to elevate your operational efficiency, minimize oil contamination concerns, and experience seamless circulation of separated liquids. Maximize the performance of your machinery with this state-of-the-art solution, setting a new standard in central oil separation technology for industrial applications. Opt for the OIL-S CENTER and witness unparalleled results in your metalworking processes.


• Automotive Industry
• Metalware Industry
• Defense industry
• Food industry
• Electronics Industry
• Optical, Plastic Industry
• Textile Industry
• Medical Industry
• In all sectors with mass production
• Cleaning for maintenance purposes
• In all production areas before coating and painting

Details of the OIL-S Series Oil Skimmers

Advantages of the OIL-S CENTER series

The product will be turbulent with rashing rings, and the resulting oil will accumulate above, and the separation process will take place with the level difference.

The pump used for the product will be a miksan brand kep 100 model pump specially designed for this process. It works with a capacity of 3 bar -150 lt / min.

The oil outlets of the product will be controlled by means of hoses and valves, and the liquid inlets and outlets will be in such a way that they do not harm the environment during discharge and entry

It is made of 304 quality stainless steel.