Wastewater Treatment And Recycling System

ENVIRO1000 WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND RECYCLING SYSTEM Thanks to the Enviro wastewater treatment system makes all kinds of cutting-edge technology that allows the separation of wastewaters and solid particles in the liquid easily. The vibration of the wastewater treatment machines, deburring degreasing-use-polishing liquid fluids up to 90% savings. Enviro makes Re-using of the water and compound. Process water is used over and over again by providing up to 98% water savings. Pump repeated use of the same liquid-water mixture. Environmentally friendly technology, the wastewater discharge ZERO. The wastewater treatment capacity of 10 tons per day. 1000 liter / h. polyurethane mud holding baskets very easy to use. Necessary because it has a high volume there is no need to change constantly basket. Enviro has PLC software and a touch screen to control the entire system. Ergonomic design and comfortable to use. Tanks can be dismantled for the narrow places. Chemical treatment required to make the same system. Enviro being respectful to nature, as well as the user’s monthly water and liquid in a system that completely eliminates costs.   The advantages of the ENVIRO1000 No monthly costs for filtering types of equipment like paper, cloth, etc. The high centrifugal effect allows very small quantities of waste materials. No maintenance needed for any kind of filter unit. No big areas required.   For more information please visit the ENVIRO’s website.     FLOG500 WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND RECYCLING SYSTEM It ensures the flocculation process of the wastewater coming from the vibratory machines by the main silo and treatment with a paper filter. . PF SERIES PAPER FILTER PF50 or PF100, which enables separating the solid-liquid mixture (wastewater) coming out of the vibration process from solids with a paper filter, is the suitable treatment type for vibration systems.   ADVANTAGES OF FLOG 500 500-liter P.P. tank. Mixer and dosing system. Diaphragm pump that allows water coming from the vibration system to return to the system as treated water. Treated water can be used as domestic water. Resistance to acidic environments with double layer epoxy paint. It enables water to be used repeatedly by recirculation. Wastewater treatment capacity up to 3 tons per day. ADVANTAGES OF PF100 PAPER FILTER Paper filter movement with an automatic sensor. The filter is automatically replaced with the new one when the paper filter is filled with solid particles. Replaceable paper filter. Resistance to acidic environments with double layer epoxy paint. 400-liter fresh water tank. Stainless wire mesh tape. Water saving with a centrifugal pump, allowing the treated water to return to the system.  
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