KVM series,
Circular Type of Vibrators

KVM – Circular Type of Vibrators series round vibratory finishing machines are used for deburring and polishing the surfaces of all metal and non-metal materials and for making precise polishing and minimizing surface roughness. Vibratory bowl sizes are classified based on volume (liter). The appropriate bowl volume is selected according to the geometric structure of the parts and daily production quantity.

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Parts of the KVM Series Vibratory Finishing Machines

Details of the KVM Series Vibratory Surface Finishing Machines

  • Grinding and polishing in minimum time thanks to bowl design. 
  • Vibration impact can be reduced or increased mechanically (by weight). 
  • Easy to separate stone and material used in models with sieve and ramp. 
  • It allows the use of different sizes of stones thanks to the easily removable portable sieve. 
  • Thanks to its conformable ramp design, all materials are easily unloaded from the bowl. 
  • Our high-performance vibration motor is long-lasting and minimizes your service costs.
  • Resistance to acidic environments with double layer epoxy paint. 
  • Long bowl life thanks to our abrasion-resistant Elastomer type (90 Shore) polyurethane coating.
  • Custom-design bowl or chassis height and spring design. 
  • Noise level is minimized with the optional Pneumatic Acoustic cover. Remote control of the pneumatic ramp lever from the control panel is available as an option. 
  • As the vibration level can be adjusted with our speed-controlled panels, the most precise surface finishing is ensured on metal and non-metal surfaces. 
  • All electrical panels are produced in accordance with CE norms. 
  • Minimum consumption of liquids used in degreasing, deburring, and polishing processes is ensured by means of dosing pump. 
  • KVM Series electrical panels can work in accordance with automation systems with PLC software. 
  • KVM Series can be integrated into the press lines that are continuously producing and work automatically. 
  • All parts used in our machines are selected according to EU standards.

Models of KVM Series Surface Finishing Machines

KVM 15
KVM 40
KVM 120
KVM 220
KVM 420
KVM 720
KVM 1000

KVM Series Products Specifications

Total volume of bowl (lt) 18 43 130 280 490 830 1200
Capacity (lt) 8 25-35 70-90 220 300-350 400-550 700-850 Max.
Size of work piece (mm) 90 120 160 180 240 320 360
Bottom P.U. layer of the bowl (mm) 10 10 15 15 15 20 25
Side wall P.U. layer of the bowl (mm) 8 8 12 13 15 18 20
Diameter of working bowl (mm) 410 565 852 1150 1355 1600 1785
Engine power (kW), 380V / 50Hz 0,17 0,35 1,1 1,7 2,2 4 11
Engine (RPM) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Separating ramp Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Dosage pump (5 lt / 7bar) Standart Standart Standart Standart Standart Standart Standart
Noise isolating cover Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Weight (kg) 42 100 225 460 780 1270 1770
Dimensions are given in millimeters.
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